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Originally Posted by murphyx500 View Post
The links work fine. Those are very good videos, but I always feel frustrated that there are no defensive videos for a southpaw like myself. Nothing works the same when the jabs keep clashing into eachother. You can't come over someones jab with your own straight and so on. Any one got any videos of how a southpaw defends agaisnt an orthodox fighter?
If you are left handed ,fighting a right hander ,keep your weight over your back foot ,allowing yourself to step with your right foot when you jab.Do not take your head out further than your right knee when jabbing.Your jab should land at the same time your head stops over your right knee,giving maximum leverage and velosity at impact ,while not exposing your face to your opponents right hand who will be moving to his own left. into your jab and away from your left hand .Learn to hook off of your jab,with your opponent moving into it.This too will set up your left hand if you keep your head from back to middle of your stance ,allowing you maximum leverage and velosity whle stepping with your left hand and foot.If your right handed opponent moves to his right,he moves directly into your left hand......hope this helps you....God bless....kenny weldon
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