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Default Re: lennox lewis is the best heavyweight ever!

Originally Posted by cuchulain
Good to see you appreciating the greatest heavyweight of the past third of a century!

You do overstate the case slightly.

Ali and Louis were both better (i.e. They would beat him MOST of the time)

MAYBE Foreman too (1973 version).

But no-one else.

As your post points out, his resume is outstanding, he beat every man he ever faced. I concede that he has two blemishes on his great career but he AVENGED both losses in spades. He moved very well for such a big man and he had one punch KO power.

His legacy is diminished by many jingoistic American fans (He wasn't American.)

He is the greatest ever non-American heavyweight and third (or maybe fourth) on my alltime heavyweight list.
A prime tyson is better then lewis. He would ko Lewis after a few rounds. In terms of accomplishments, tyson unified a sprawled out division with many pretenders, good fighter but not great. he quickly set things straight but also kept the fans happy because he fights were some of the most exciting fights ever even if they were against nobodys. People say tyson never beat anyone great. he beat an aged but still game larry holmes easily. He beat spinks no problem. Spinks wouldve cleaned up 2days division imo also. The tyson that fought holyfield and lewis wasnt the same tyson who destroyed spinks, it wasnt even the same guy who lost to douglas. Its only specualtion but i think tyson wouldve beat both holyfield and lewis in his prime. IMO Tyson is better than Lewis but none the less Lewis is in my top ten heavyweights
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