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Default Re: Would have, Could have, Should have

Originally Posted by Doppleganger View Post
All through the early part of his career at BW he was a switch hitter who was as difficult to hit cleanly as PBF. He only became reckless as you described when he moved to FW and began to believe his own hype.

IMO Hamed definitely could have been an ATG had he kept his head on straight and (especially) stayed at BW where his height and reach were better suited.
I'm not exactly a Mayweather fan, but I'll say this. If I watched the bantam/early feather version of Hamed that you're alluding to and then watched any fight of Mayweather's, and came to the conclusion that Hamed was as difficult to hit cleanly as Mayweather in any way, I'd have an eye transplant. Or failing that, a brain transplant.

The early Hamed had an unusual style that sat well with his discombobulating power, but his tendency to take shots was, even at that stage, comical.

In the spirit of the thread, I'm going to say Willie Pastrano. Shagged and boozed his considerable prime away. You have to love him on principle.

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