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Default What if Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) never was?

I think out of all single acts in the what if? questions; this act would have the most dramatic skewing of boxing history, and would leave the most unanswered questions…

Could someone else have filled a large part of the gap left if Ali had not been there?

How much longer would of Liston reigned?

Who would have defeated Liston?

How long would of Smokin’ Joe reigned?

Without Ali, would Frazier be considered better or worse than he is?

How long would Foreman reign and who would beat him?

Would Holmes without the Ali shadow, been considered even better?

Would the sport of benefited because perhaps the likes of Duran, Monzon and Napoles could have been more mainstream without an Ali shadow?

Would all the youngsters that were brought up on Ali, still have the passion for boxing that turned the early/mid 80s into another golden era for the sport?

Would Leonard of become a superstar?

Would Hagler, Hearns and Duran of been so mainstream?

Would Tyson still of been the mainstream phenomenon he turned out to be?
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