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Default Re: How Great Do You Feel **** Tiger Was? And is he Greater Than These 4 Fighters?

Originally Posted by PowerPuncher View Post
I'd rate them all above him, he has some fantastic wins, but he never proved dominant above the fighters of his era. I would also say Burley has better wins, Jones imo has the greater 2 top wins, and all are more dominant. You could argue he has more defeats because he faced tougher opposition but I don't personally buy that
Why dont you buy that?

Have you not seen the quality of fighter he lost to and have you not seen the fights in question.

Several were controversial and nearly all his losses in his prime at his prime weight were razor thin at the very least.

No fighter in history comes out of that era was just to strong and the publics hunger for the top fights usually meant you couldnt be picky about who you faced.

You can bet on it mate...If Roy or Hopkins fought in that era, once every couple of months against consistently quality opposition they wont have looked so dominant...they are definitely dropping a fight here and there.
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