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Default Re: Pascual Perez vs Miguel Canto


I see Perez winning the first few rounds with his shifty footwork and awkward angles which take Canto a while to adjust too. Especially the angles that the punches come from Pascual they come from all angles. I can see Canto taking it slow trying to figure him out and gettin outworked.

I think Canto figures out Pascual and starts scoring off the back foot. Kingpetch had the most sucess scoring off the back foot than anywehere else so i suspect Canto would be best served to do this and would take adavantage of it landing his shots on the advancing Perez by landing straight lefts and inparticular uppercuts that seem to trouble Perez.

I can see Pascauls persitance and awkward footwork culminating in an awkward left hook that drops Canto in these mid rounds but Canto gets up re adjusts and carrys on.

In the later rounds i can see Pascuals workrate pulling it through for him as he steps it up and starts out fighting and out punching Canto to take these later rounds.

Pascaul Perez UD 15

8-7 roughly

One thing i noticed was Perez was very awkward in the inside he had a good defence by rolling his head and his shots came from odd angles, i dont think Canto could actually be real slick inside with Perez and would get beat up on the inside his best chance would be too move.
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