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Default Re: A classic view of the ring belt

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
Especially historically. However we feel about it now (and I feel fine about it) how are people going to feel about it in seventy years? How can you take fights for a title seriously in retrospect when they were made by an institution (Ring) flat out owned by a promoter? You can't.

What is most disturbing about the governing bodies throughout history is the influence promoters and managers have over them. Here we have a case where a promoter flat out owns the supposed most respected one. Won't wash in historical terms. No way.
Correct and historically boxing writers are the best critics of boxers, meaning they demand the most out of them to have their coveted title.
Now the very thought of knowing the biggest promoter is their boss, has to influence them whether consciously or subconsciously, its in the back of their minds somewhere.
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