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Default Re: Charley Burley Rejected Dive, For Title Shot?

Originally Posted by McGrain View Post
Supposedly. But i'm afraid i don't have a source, it's one of those half remembered things. Supposedly Moore was owning him and he was just getting nowhere. There was something where he was appealing to the referee or trying to talk to his corner and Moore just ****ing flattened him Smith beat the count, calmly climbed out of the ring and bolted for the dressing room.
Taken from boxrec:

"Smith knocked Moore down for an eight count in the 6th round with a right hand. After punching himself out in a failed attempt to stop Moore, he coasted in the 7th round. In the 8th, Smith turned to look at his corner and was floored by Moore for a nine count. After he got up, Moore pounded him into the ropes, when Gruman started counting for another knockdown. At the count of five, Smith ducked through the ropes and walked to the dressing room. He was suspended indefinitely by the Portland Boxing Commission and his purse was withheld. (Information taken from the Portland Oregonian.)"

There are a couple of pay-per-view articles on the fight on Google News.

Here's the headline of one of them:

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