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Default Closet Classic - Lucia Rijker vs Chevelle Hallback

A few bits of information on this solid womens match-up.

This fight was the opener of the Genaro Hernandez/Azumah Nelson card.



Rijker was trained by Freddie Roach, and he can be seen in her corner at the end of this match. Rijker picks him up and then jumps on him with her legs around him.

Rijker actually finished her career in 04' undefeated, 17-0. She never managed to get a superfight with Laila Ali or even Christy Martin.

Hallback was 1-0 in this fight but finished her career at a very respectable 27-5, this being the only time she was ever stopped.

Good little fight, a nice change of pace for me personally. Its nice not knowing what to expect when a fight happens, you almost always know the exact blow by blow going into most older fights.
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