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Default Re: Marco Antonio Barrera vs Erik Morales I (Genero Hernandez Commentary)

Originally Posted by Bill Butcher View Post
Of course it was, he tightened up his D compared to fight one & actually brought a jab to the table, he never engaged for sustained periods, instead choosing to box from distance.

Poor verdict if not a robbery.

Ps. I scored fight one 7-5 to Morales with at least 4 rds that could have gone either way which is why I dont argue too much with those who think Barrera won, only the morons that think he dominated Morales.

Sorry Bill, only a moron would consider fight 2 a definitive win either way.

I agree with you though. Barrera was prime time for Morales II. Neither fighter wanted a repeat of 2000's fight of the year, they both came to box, and it was clear that Marco did better against Morales when he engaged. He found that out the hard way, and visibly switched his gameplan mid fight to accommodate that. I don't think what Morales did was winning the fight necessarily, but Marco wasn't comfortable.
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