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Default Re: Poor Performance by Mundine

Originally Posted by planetzion
ohh yeah thanks for that you mean the guy he dropped with a body shot.....???

point still stands my friend ....people are wayyyyy too quick to jump on the critical band wagon fact is all boxers take av opponents in between big fights and I dont hold it against anyone...

we should start worring when the really struggle againts an everage guy which mundine hasnt .....were you complaining when winky stuggled against soliman ???
Yes, you are right in some respect, everybody takes easier fights in between big fights I'll give you that, but there is a difference between how easy these fights are, for instance Kessler fought Lucas as an "easy" opponent, Calzaghe fought Bika and Manfredo, and Mundine fought Acosta and Nievas. I hope you can see that both Kesslers and Calzaghes "easy" opponents are of a lot higher quality than Mundines. Don't get me wrong I think Mundine is a top 4 fighter in SMW, but I don't like his choice of easy opposition and his big mouth which he doesn't back up.

Btw Winky didn't struggle with Soliman that is an exaggeration, they had a pretty close fight that Winky won without a doubt, and Mundine has struggled and even lost to a guy who wasn't that much above average, namely Siaca.

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