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Default Re: Poor Performance by Mundine

Originally Posted by boxfan99
Yes, you are right in some respect, everybody takes easier fights in between big fights I'll give you that, but there is a difference between how easy these fights are, for instance Kessler fought Lucas as an "easy" opponent, Calzaghe fought Bika and Manfredo, and Mundine fought Acosta and Nievas. I hope you can see that both Kesslers and Calzaghes "easy" opponents are of a lot higher quality than Mundines. Don't get me wrong I think Mundine is a top 4 fighter in SMW, but I don't like his choice of easy opposition and his big mouth which he doesn't back up.
on a lunch break so ill have to leave it with ya but i cant agree he doesnt back it up???? As i said to some guy b4 Soliman was one fight ago??? And he beat the **** out of him thats backing it up ....I have spoke to mundines father in daringhurst recently and they are keen to face JC and Kessler (kessler contrary to opions in this board doesnt want to rematch mundine) but that **** takes time we all know that.

Final point - IF MUNDINE IS FIGHTING NO BODYS FOR THE REST OF HIS CAREER THEN GRANTED YOU HAVE A POINT but that has not been the case and it remains to be seen what the future holds until I know that ill give credit where credit is due. Nuff siad ta for the reply.
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