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Default Re: Poor Performance by Mundine

Originally Posted by MSTR
Does Jermain Taylor take easy fights? HOw about Miguel Cotto? or Ricky Hatton? or Winky Wright? or Bernard Hopkins? or Mikkel Kessler? ... Even the guys that do have a "tune up" usually make it a live body.I have no problem with that. And they still usually beat them as expected. When they don't, they get criticized. As expected. What do you think happened to Judah when he lost to Baldomir. Do you think everyone sung his praises? Mundine deserves to be criticized for his performance. Enough said.

dude umm judah lost???? thats why he got roasted he turned up half baked and embraessed him self....mudine has dominated evry opponant he has faced recently........even the danny greens and sam solimans as well the last night the guys he fought in between.

ffs you carrying on like it was a close fight??? It was a beat down....Constructve critism is a good thing but thats not where your coming from you sound like your typicle asshole boxing fan.

sorry gotto go at work thanks for the stoush ...peace
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