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Default Re: Say Paul Smith wins the Contender What chance do you give him Vs Pavlik?

Originally Posted by smigga
Not that there's anythin wrong with eatin a burger, or from a burger van....

But this is a total lie. Sad really, next time just say hi instead of lying to your t'internet buddies

By the way, bit of a silly thread really innit.... I am the first to know and admit my level. Hopefully my top level is still unknown, but my current level is nowhere near that of Kelly Pavlik's, who performed amazingly last week.

I want those titles he has, but there's a British title to be won first.

PS, on The Contender front. The finals haven't been fought yet, and for the 'Smith's home so he must have got beat' brigade, we have all been home now for 6 weeks

Great forum by the way, good to be back online

All the best,

It's great to hear a boxer give an honest appraisal of his own ability and possible future ambitions.

It makes a refreshing change.

I truly wish you well in your career in the toughest sport of all!
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