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Default Re: Kharitonov vs Nogueira - Sergei won!

Theres definately a strong case for Kharitonov winning the standup, which I think he did, but a few different factors played into Nog winning that fight I think.
1)The groundwork was initiated by Nog
2)This was at a time when Nog's guard was considered one of the dealiest weapons in the game, and therefore the judges didn't really give Kharitonov much credit for working from there
3)When on the ground, Nog secured the better positions for longer peroids of time, whereas Kharitonov would seem to give them up
4)Kharitonov's relationship with Fedor, I don't remeber if Fedor was still with Russian Top Team at the time, but they were still considered friends and Pride might not have wanted them to fight in the finals.

I personally agree with the decision though.
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