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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Rocky Lockridge-Pedroza I

Dont even think I have ever seen this fight in full because I only really remember patches of it and certainly didnt score it before. I tend just to watch fights the first time and enjoy them rather then sit down and score them. I probably should change that habit.

Ive watched and scored up to round 10. Its been a good s**** so far but I feel the commentators, ring side scorers and obviously pro Lockridge arent giving Pedroza enough credit.
Basically an end of round poll has Rocky shutting out EP after 7 and even when Pedroza wins clear rounds there are still like 40-50% voting for Rocky.
Ignoring a lot of good bodywork and consistent scoring from Pedroza in favour for Rocky landing or half landing a bigger eye catching shots and being the aggressor.

Rocky made a great start and has rocked EP a couple of times..but the 9th and 10th were BIG rounds for Pedroza, with some vicious and exciting exchanges..Great work from both men.

So far Ive got it 5 rounds Pedroza, 4 round Lockridge and 1 even...with as I said Pedroza starting to get on top when I stopped it.

I shall watch the rest of it tommorrow and post my final card.
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