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Default Re: What if Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) never was?

Originally Posted by TBooze
I think out of all single acts in the what if? questions; this act would have the most dramatic skewing of boxing history, and would leave the most unanswered questions…

Could someone else have filled a large part of the gap left if Ali had not been there?
I would give Foreman the best chance. He was the only one of the big three who did not let his training slip after wining the title.

How much longer would of Liston reigned?
Not much longer

Who would have defeated Liston?
Whichever qualified challenger got to him first.

How long would of Smokin’ Joe reigned?
That would depend on whether he let his training slip as he did after the Ali fight. If he did then sombody would have had him sooner rather than later.

How long would Foreman reign and who would beat him?
He would have cleaned house against the big hitters and then lost his title to Jimmy Young.
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