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Default Re: What could Patterson have done differently against Liston?

Originally Posted by OLD FOGEY
I think he difinitely should have tried lateral movement and retreating to stay away from Liston in the early rounds, bobbing low when Liston got close. It made no sense to get inside with Sonny early. Patterson played into Sonny's hands.
I don't know if another strategy could have worked, but it could not have failed more miserably. Many experts in fact thought that Patterson would win. He had his supporters and Liston had his doubters. The Liston as superman image came after the Patterson fights.
I have to agree with both you and Janitor, that it was definately foolish of Patterson to engage Liston at close range and so early on. Do you feel however, that he indeed had the boxing ability to launch such a plan involving more lateral movement and boxing from a distance? Sonny had a tremendous jab that he could use from long range, and a way of cutting off the ring.

I don't know.
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