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Default Re: What could Patterson have done differently against Liston?

Originally Posted by OLD FOGEY
Frankly, I don't either. One thing about Patterson no one comments on. Marciano and Frazier and others are rightly or wrongly scored for being slow starters. No one mentions that Patterson seems to have been a slow starter. Cooper is the only name or semi-name opponent he ko'd in less than five. And his career ko percentage is pumped up a bit by his greater success at lightheavy. He ko'd 18 of 34 at heavy, with his biggest victims Ingo and London at 206 and both of them probably could have and should have come in a few pounds lighter. Unlike Dempsey, Louis, or Marciano, his power has to be viewed as somewhat suspect against big heavies the size of Liston, let alone one as talented as Liston.

I don't particularly think that Patterson was as devastating as his numbers might reflect either. When it came to facing some of the larger, stronger heavyweights of the 60's, Floyd certainly appeared less formidable and more vulnerable.
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