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Default Re: What if Muhammad Ali (Cassius Clay) never was?

Originally Posted by PowerPuncher
Yes but why does Liston get back up to continue fighting without beeen given a count, expecting the fight to continue, until Jersey Joe is told by a bystander Liston had been down for 10. Jersey Joe WRONGLY STOPPED THE FIGHT

Bare in mind Liston could be down for 2miniutes and shouldn't be counted out unless Ali is in the neutral corner, which he was not.

Whether Liston took a dive or not, the fight was finnished prematurely due to incompetant refereeing
How about this.

Liston hits the canvas. All he has to do is wait to be counted out. Then a problem arises. Clay who obviously has not read the script dose not go to his corner but stands over the fallen Liston yelling at him to get up so the count cannot start.

Liston is probably bricking himself at this moment because he knows that if he dose not stick to the script there will be serious concequences.

Referre Walcot who might know about the arrangments desperately tries to get Clay back to his corner almost shoving him to his corner. It is no good because Clay just runs back to ring centre.

Liston gets up knowing that he is going to have to take another dive quickly if he dose not want to wear a concrete jacket.

Walcott then rescues the situation by arguing that because Liston was down for more than 10 seconds he was knocked out.

Everybody breathes a colective sigh of releif.
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