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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Originally Posted by itrymariti View Post
Duran/De Jesus II.

You could always tell when Duran was really up for a fight: he was twice as fast, twice as heavy with his shots and got to the inside with much more impetus. The improvement in Duran since the first fight was marked. He seemed to have worked out how to avoid De Jesusí quick potshotting from the outside which had clipped him repeatedly in the first fight, and his head movement had evolved considerably. I think this and the Ishimatsu fights were probably the first to showcase his growing defensive genius; before then, heíd been surprisingly hittable. De Jesusí tried every tack; but when he boxed and moved, Duran cut off the ring and hit him even while he was dancing, and when he duked it out he just couldnít match Duranís ferocity and power. The kind of leather Duran was throwing would have emptied anybodyís tank within a couple of rounds, but he just didnít stop. It really was amazing.

I had Duran up by about eight rounds before the stoppage. A comprehensive defeat of a legend in himself and thorough revenge for Duranís first loss.
Im just going through Duran's fights myself. Just watched Duran-De Jesus I and Duran does seem very green whilst De Jesus is somewhere near his peak. Even on the inside De Jesus was bullying Duran a bit in this fight, I was wondering if he was still a bit stunned for the duration of the fight after his knockdown in the first round. De Jesus was very good though and outboxed Duran superbly. Heres how I scored it:

1: De Jesus 10-8
2: Duran 10-9
3: De Jesus 10-9
4: De Jesus 10-9
5: Duran 10-9
6: De Jesus 10-9
7: De Jesus 10-9
8: De Jesus 10-9
9: Duran 10-9
10: De Jesus 10-9

De Jesus 97-92 Duran
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