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Default Re: Nutrition for boxing

Originally Posted by Aussie_Al View Post
Yeah I have been doing this for the last 6 months with great results!
I've been eating Low fat cottage cheese mixed with some cinnamon before bed for around 2 years. Nutritionally perfect for the long fast your about to endure.

For brekky i often mix around 350g in with some cooked oats and a cut up banana, mango, apple or berries. Once again nutritionally perfect for breaking the fast and taste's like desert.

As far as pre/post training nutrition. I always have a meal around 2 hours before training, a protein source and some fruit as iv'e found this to work best for me. I also always eat a large meal high in protein with some complex carbs and good fats with half an hour of finishing training.

I eat the same all year round and just vary the amounts depending on if i'm trying to cut for boxing or train for strength etc. Works well for me.
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