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Default Myung-Woo Yuh vs De-Jesus I: Utterly one-sided.

This is supposedly one of Yuh's toughest tests during his title reign, and the scores were as follows at the end of it. Harold Lederman had it 114-111, and the other two had it 114-113, and 146-141. This is a prime example as to why Boxrec is only good for certain things, as this fight was even more one sided than Marco Antonio Barrera vs Naseem Hamed.

I had it 12-2 for Yuh, with the last minute of the final round being missing (a round Yuh was winning). These were not rounds you could have given either way, in fact, one or two of those rounds were so one sided they'd have been scored 10-8's today. I don't know what the judges were smoking to be perfectly honest with you, especially the 114-113. That is beyond lunacy.

Anyone else seen this fight and thought it was remotely close?
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