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Default Re: Myung-Woo Yuh vs De-Jesus I: Utterly one-sided.

Originally Posted by sweet_scientist View Post
No robberies from what I've seen. The Olivo fight was probably the most competitive though and if someone scored that for Olivo again I probably wouldn't say it was a robbery, even though I feel there isn't a very good argument for it.

Olivo was a decent fighter, but you'd like to think Yuh, if he was all that good, would have had an easier time with him.

Like I said in the other thread, I do rate Yuh, but he lacked that one outstanding opponent to act as his litmus test. He got the better of everyone he fought, but no one ever really forced him to elevate his game and get all out of himself.

It's a pity he didn't come a little bit later and face a Carbajal or Gonzalez, becuase I think he would have beaten both and it would have really given him a legacy to talk about.
I'm a huge admirer of Yuh's skills (I think he was more talented than most give him credit for), but I'm not in-denial about his standing in history. He didn't beat one great fighter in his career, but I think his title defenses and the different sides to his game that he did show that he was a great fighter in the context of his division. I also think he beats Carbajal and Gonzalez, and I also feel a Yuh vs Chang fight would have been competitive and it would have been absolutely brutal. Yuh never backed up from nobody.

Side note. I'm about to go and score Olivo, Gamez I, and De Jesus II. I'll have my scorecards tomorrow and perhaps we can have a good discussion. Thanks again for your insights Scientist.
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