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Default Re: Myung-Woo Yuh vs De-Jesus I: Utterly one-sided.

Originally Posted by Addie View Post
I'm a huge admirer of Yuh's skills (I think he was more talented than most give him credit for), but I'm not in-denial about his standing in history. He didn't beat one great fighter in his career, but I think his title defenses and the different sides to his game that he did show that he was a great fighter in the context of his division. I also think he beats Carbajal and Gonzalez, and I also feel a Yuh vs Chang fight would have been competitive and it would have been absolutely brutal. Yuh never backed up from nobody.
I agree with you completely on this. S_S made a good point that no one ever really forced Yuh to elevate his game and get all out of himself, but I believe that against Chang that is exactly what would have happened.

Yuh would have been hellbent on proving to the Korean public that he could hang with Chang and better yet beat him, and he would have pulled out all the stops and given it his all had they fought, of this I am certain.

Wether or not he would have won is another matter, but win or lose Yuh would have given Chang a very hard nights work, as you pointed out Yuh never backed away from anybody and he certainly wouldn`t have done so against Chang with so much national bragging rights and pride at stake.
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