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Default Re: What could Patterson have done differently against Liston?

Do what Ibragimov did against Briggs. I don't think he can pull it off and Liston is not a plodding statue like Briggs, but it's his only chance. Get low, land a few shots or impress the judges with it, get outside and stay away early as much as possible.

Originally Posted by OLD FOGEY
I don't know if another strategy could have worked, but it could not have failed more miserably. Many experts in fact thought that Patterson would win. He had his supporters and Liston had his doubters. The Liston as superman image came after the Patterson fights.
This is very interesting.
If Liston was not that highly regarded, how much was thought of him after the two Clay fights?

Also, you said "most experts thought that Patterson would win", was that before or after the first fight ?
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