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Default Re: How best to fight brawlers.

Originally Posted by lankyfightkid View Post
So I am tall and an out-fighter.
I am still new at this been training for a year and going into my fourth fight. I can and have schooled everyone (with the same amount of experience as me) using my reach and speed until they start to come in running and throwing wild punches from everywhere. At my past two fights they have literally come in running and just chase after me the entire round completely smothering my punches so I have nothing until the end of the round. Do any of you have any advice on how to get the better fight these type of guys?
  • Keep your range and use your reach to your full advantage.
  • Keep moving and circling. Keep on the ***** of your feet and don't stand still and let him trap you against the ropes or in a corner. Keep moving so he can't close the distance and smother your punches.
  • Keep pumping the jab. This will keep the guy off-balance.
  • Sounds like common sense, but hit with authority early on. Don't bget complacent, but if you see a gap, hit him and hit him hard. Most guys concentrate on speed of their punches when fighting a brawler. That's fine, but if you hit him hard from the begining on the back foot, it will discourage him from throwing punches as he'll be leaving himself open to more big-punchers. He'll respect your power and try to keep his defence up more and probably lower his output and aggression.
  • When he gets in close, don't brawl with him. He'll most likely have the advantage on the inside because he'll be able to get his punches off easier, he'll be more comfortable and aggressive inside and might be stronger than you. Tie up, reset yourself and get back to the gameplan of stick & move.
  • Pace yourself. Don't go overtop in throwing combinations and trying to hurt the guy with combo's and get him out of their. You're going to have to be constantly moving your feet aswell as letting the jab go, so you need to pace yourself and make sure you have the endurance to do this consistantly for the whole fight.
  • Stick to the basics. Don't overcomplicate things. As I said, keep moving, keep using the jab. Concentrate on the straight punches down the barrell which will maintain the range between you and your opponent. Keep your hands up so he doesn't see opportunities to come in and fire away thinking he can land with most/every punch.
  • Keep a cool head. Keep focused. All the above advice is irrelevant if you don't keep reminding yourself of these points and keep focused in doing them, otherwise it will all go out the window and you will probably become flat-footed, stop moving, let your hands down and start brawling. If you get tagged, don't let the red-mist settle and try and get back and land a punch in return by going gung-ho. Settle back to your boxing.
Hope this has helped a little. Let us know how you get on when you next take on a guy with a brawling style, and good luck.
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