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Default Re: Felix Sturm vs Artur Abraham

Originally Posted by Odo
As ususal a true pleasure to read your posts,merry!
Me alegro mucho verte otra vez aqui en este forum escibiendo tu opinion sobre ciertas boxeadores.Porque dejas de escribir aqui hace un ano or algo asi? Como quiera que sea!
Well,I slightly disagree with you,merry. I for my part think that Abraham's fight record is better than Sturm's one.

He struggled/showed pathetic performances against Robert Davis,Didier Mupeko,and Tschepo Maschego.
Velasquo vs Sturm could have gone either way.I wouldnt argue the toss whether STurm deserved the victory or not,but I watched that fight live and had Velasquo ahead on points.Of course very often you can judge a fight much better sitting in front of a tv set than occupying a seat in a box arena.I know that Schenk was suppossed to face Velasquo,and that Sturm was the last minute replacement.Sturm wasnt ready to go 12 rounds then.Props to him for taking that fight! However,Velasqo was the defending champ,and he was the one who was chasing Sturm throughout their entire bout.I thought that the Argie did enough to win that fight-especially in the later rounds.But as I said I wouldnt argue the toss about it.

Hola muchacho, veo que mantienes tu castellano "in tip top shape", o asi parece al menos, todavia viajas a Espana de vez en cuando? Sadly, my spanish has been going down the drain for lack of practise, though mate.

It appears we will not come to agree on the Sturm issue, as we never were able to even in the past and that despite otherwise agreeing on lets say 90% of other boxing issues, but that´s not important. I have erred lots of times when predicting matches in the past and maybe if this fight came off Abrams would wipe the floor with him and I´d have to come here and tell you "err, right Odo, sorry, but seems you were right"

One last thing: In yesterday´s press here, Sauerland was quoted as saying that a potential up coming fight between Sturm and his own Sebastian Sylvester would have to be postponed until next year as he (Sauerland) knew that sturm first had a voluntary defence of his title at hand (end of this month) and after that his next mandatory against I think randy griffin, so the next available date for a fight between these two would be no sooner than early next year at best.
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