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Default Re: Could Roland Lastarza have succeeded in other eras?

Originally Posted by hotti_killer
I don't know how anyone could call walcott one of the top ten heavyweights of the century, i could easily name ten guys that have done more than him. Previously you stated about 1950-1955, liston and patterson didn't do anything until the late 50's and early sixties so how you can count them i don't know, joe louis was well past his prime even by the start of 1950. So the only guys i accept of your list are walcott,charles and marciano.
You also state that holyfield was a cruiserweight which was true but he is still fighting heavyweight 11 years after he moved from cruiserweight and has had more fights at heavyweight. Did toney, jones or spinks have more fights at heavyweight than at their respective weights, i don't think so. infact jones fought 1 fight at heavyweight so that's s****ing the barrel, toney has had 8 fights out of 70 at heavyweight and spinks had 5 fights at heavyweight out of 31 hardly building there legacy's as heavyweights, more like having a few heavyweight fights towards the end of their careers.
1. On whether so and so is a heavyweight--the heavyweight is the unlimited division--the definition of the heavyweight champion is the man who can defeat any other man in a boxing match. You do not have to be any given weight to quality as a heavyweight.
2. On weak and strong eras--frankly, this is the most foolish and self-serving concept put forward in debates like this. A "strong" era is the period in which your inferior fighter with an inferior record fought. A "weak" era is one in which a better fighter with a better record fought. As you are backing a loser, you can't rely on records. A lawyer who has the facts argues the facts. A lawyer who does not have the facts muddies the waters.
3. On Walcott's rating--I didn't vote on any of these ratings--Panels of experts did:
Ring Magazine 1998--Walcott was ranked #13.
Ebony Magazine 1978--A poll of black sportswriters rating all heavyweight champions--Walcott was #8.
AP--end of the century poll of an AP panel of experts on best heavyweights of the 20th century:
1. Ali
2. Louis
3. Marciano
4. Dempsey
5. Johnson
6. Holmes
7. Liston
8. Frazier
9. Langford
10. Walcott
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