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Default Re: Bodybuilding workout for boxing

Originally Posted by Rock0052
I'd stick to what Ingar's saying, as I posted a pretty similar view in the General Forum a little while back. Do Olympic lifts, chins, and dips. Doing those kinds of exercises makes you much more powerful and (even better) explosive without bulking up or becoming muscle-bound. Considering that fighting's based on weight class, you can see how getting the most bang for your buck is useful.

Examples of Olympic lifts:
Clean and Jerk, Snatch, Power Clean, Hang Snatch, etc.
Agreed, some lifts I do very fast with reps of 20-40. Tried heavy again for a few weeks. Felt stronger of course but slower and tighter. Could just be me though. If I can do 12-15 wide grip chins (palms out). Is it time to strap some weight on my waist? I just get mass very easy now.. Feel like it is not worth the strength gains to do low reps. 8-12 if terrible for a fighter for sure though.
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