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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

I watched the Jung Koo Chang-German Torres trilogy yesterday.

What I like about Chang is that he's really no bigger than a straw weight, and he's nearly always the smaller guy at 108, but he still kicks ass against bigger fighters, and is usually forcing them to retreat. For those that don't know German Torres, he is like an orthodox Jose Luis Ramirez, a strong, tough stalking machine. Yet Chang still finds a way to repel him and even put him on the back foot.

The first and third fights were fantastic back and forth action fights, with Chang getting the better of most rounds through his overwhelming speed and activity. He came pretty close to stopping Torres in the first fight, which is quite a feat for a guy so strong and tough. The third fight no one was really in trouble but they both battered each other pretty good and nearly every round was competitive, even though Chang was putting most in the bank.

The second fight showed Chang coming in in a pretty woeful state, lacking sharpness and energy, and as a result Torres was catching him with long wrecking ball sweeps to the body all night long. Chang was lucky to escape with a decision there, and I thought he lost the fight actually. If there was ever a slip up in Chang's career it was this one - not the first Zapata fight, which was an outright robbery that Chang deserved to win.

Jung Koo Chang vs. German Torres I: 117-110 Chang
Torres: 5( 10-8 )
Chang: 1,2,3,4,7,8,10( 10-8 ) and 11.
Rounds 6,9 and 12(9-9) even.

Jung Koo Chang vs. German Torres II: 116-113 Torres
Chang: 6,8 and 12.
Torres: 1,3,47,8 and 11.
Rounds 2,5 ( 9-9 ) and 10 even.

Jung Koo Chang vs. German Torres III: 117-111 Chang
Torres: 2,4 and 12
Chang: 1,3,5,6,7,8,9,10 and 11.
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