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Default Re: Jack Johsnon news reads. Battling Jim, MCvey, Jeanette, and Langford!

Originally Posted by Mendoza
I have some news archives on some of Jack Johnson's clips. Did you know H.D. McIntosh, the famous promoter who put on Burns vs Johnson, offered $50,000 for Johnson to fight Langford, andr McVey, but Johnson did not take it? Jeanette's manger offered $30,000 for the match. So much for the theory that Johnson could make more money fighting the Flynn's, Ross', and Kaufman's of boxing. Johnson is quotes saying he will sign. In fact he did, but the fights did not happen.
You have to look at the time line here-


Jun 21
Johnson indicted for smugling a diamond necklace.

Oct 11
Johnson signs to fight Langford and McVea in Australia

Oct 12
Johnson arested under the mann act (I believe McIntosh withdrew his offer following Johnson being charged)


Jan 23
Johnson Jeanette close to being signed

May 14
Johnson convicted under the mann act (an offer now efectivley dead in the water)

I believe Johnson was also offered $30 000 to fight Sam McVea in Russia around this time.

In summary it cannot be said that any of these offers came under ideal circumstances. They all came late in Johnsons title reign and while he was subject to legal proceedings.
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