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Default Re: Mundine-Nieves

Eels if your happy with mediocre than thats fine.
I for one have a enough faith in Choc's ability that I expect more from him and want him to succeed at the elite level.
Opponants and performances like that dont help him to reach that elite level.

You know EXACTLY why Nieves was chosen and it wasnt because Mundine wanted rounds or a tough fight.

I cant even take your comments seriously anymore the thread wasnt even about Choc's performance in the fight, it was about the farce of the whole event being billed as a serious title fight and a PPV.
It was about what Choc's intentions were in choosing an opponant like Nieves and how things didnt exactly go to plan.
With fans like you I can see why Khoder & Mundine don't respect your intellect.

Once again if you can truly look inside yourself and believe that was good night for Choc not only as a fighter but as a man who wants people to believe he is the best at what he does than you go on enjoying that make believe world. Because all the kudos and pats on the back in the world arent going to make Choc a better fighter or lift his reputation.
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