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Default Re: Ike Ibeabuchi vs. Marvin Hart

Quite an interesting fight this one. Ike is the bigger of the two but Hart has beaten far better boxers. Ordinarily I would say that Hart is too durable and he doesnt have the chin to fold under they modern super heavys lucky punch, but despite being solid for most of his career, he does have that 1 round KO to Wild Bill Hanrahan that sticks out like flynn on a Dempsey record. With this loss, you would have to think that the one punch knockout is a possibility. Still, Hart has a good record, proven wins against Many world class top 10 fighters and power never seemed to worry him as much as the smaller more mobile fighters like Tommy Burns or Mike Schreck. He had no real problems with big strong powerful guys like Johnson, Choynski, Ruhlin etc. Ike, in fairness is much bigger again, (although it is doubtful he hit as hard as say a choynski and maybe even a ruhlin or johnson there wouldnt have been too much in it, and maybe he did hit harder). Ike also has a higher workrate than many superheavies too, and combined with him fighting from the outside, it would cause hart problems. THe closest Ike fought to Hart was Tua. I get the feeling this fight is a lot like Tua vs Ike. Hart is a little smaller and not as strong, but had better stamina and was a little craftier. Emotionally both of these guys are very weak and Hart in particular lost his title to Burns largely through losing his temper and fighting stupidly. The more i think about this fight, the more confident i am that Ike would pull the upset. He would land some big punches early which would send Hart into survival mode in the early rounds. Hart would come back later but i think ike holds on and is holding his own even when the 15th round comes on.
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