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Default Re: Bodybuilding workout for boxing

Originally Posted by Nwil
you lift 4 consecutive days in a row? Hope you're not doing the same muscle two days in a row.
That's mostly just a bodybuilding myth (I lift 2 days on, 1 day off, BTW), based on a different method of training, which is split- and failuretraining. You'll see that weightlifters do different variations of the same exercises for several days in a row. The key is mostly not lifting to what is classified as "failure" in the bodybuilding world, which is just pumping out repetitions on a certain exercise till you can't do anymore, for almost every set.

Originally Posted by skipdog
Its terrible... End of it. Bicep curls are bad because it greatly increases the chance of injuring or tearing them while fighting.
Hehehe, what are your sources for this statement?
They're not a very necessary movement in any athletes strength program, but saying that they are "bad for you" is pretty farfetched, huh?

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