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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Originally Posted by WhataRock View Post
As I said I could easily see a 2 point swing by giving one of the closer Pedroza rounds, which I believe you did, to Rocky. I think it was the 4th, Im searching frantically for my card but I think I chucked it. And by scoring one of the drawn rounds to him. Im pretty sure I gave the 6th (like you) and one of the earlier rounds drawn.
But I truly feel the commentators and crowd were ignoring good clean work from Pedroza and instead remarking on the aggressiveness of Rocky. Eusebio wasnt scoring the heavier punches but he was scoring more of them and fair bit to the body aswell. I didnt see it as a shutout earlier on but I did feel Rocky was firmly ahead after 6.

I rewatched it just to be sure and I cant see how Rocky deserved a drawn round in the 13th. For reference the pro-Lockridge crowd were scoring in favour of Rocky all night and even clear Pedroza rounds he barely squeaked past in the percentages. For the 13th 46% scored it for Pedroza and only 42% for Rocky, which given the pattern of the night that generally meant a Pedroza round.
Neither fighter did much that was noteworthy. Rocky landed a couple of hard punches later in the round but Pedroza did most of the work, scoring a fair bit to body and getting some light but clean headshots in...moreso then Rocky.

You can see that a 5 point win can tighten up very quickly when you look at it from another perspective but in turn a close points verdict can edge out to fairly comfortable when one person sees a couple of rounds a bit differently.

Thats why I really like this thread.

P.S I scored the last round even actually. If anyone deserved it though it would have been Rocky but I just thought a lot of his shots were made ineffective by Pedroza's defence..a lot were sliding off his shoulder or just grazing him. Rocky put in the bigger effort but I did feel Eusebio gave a great on aswell and again probably outlanded Rocky..making it a difficult round to score when I watched it.
Fair enough WAR. It's been a while since I watched it so I may throw it on later on and give some of the more contentious rounds a look.

The one thing I tend to remember from the fight quite vividly though was that Pedroza was doing quite a bit of slapping with the body punches, landing them with the 'whipping' hand/wrist motion and I think I wasn't really giving those blows full merit even though they were landing. That might have been a key difference of interpretation which may have given me a slightly different perspective to yours as far as the scoring goes.

I actually thought Pedroza gave much better effort in the rematch, but again, I even had that fight close... Have you seen/scored the rematch? interested in your thoughts.
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