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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Originally Posted by sweet_scientist View Post
Continuing the Eubankian flavour of the thread, I watched and scored Eubank's second fight with Nigel Benn today.

Blatant robbery imo. Eubank's timing was terribly poor and he struggled to hit Benn with a clean shot all night. Benn's timing wasn't immaculate either, but he was slightly more accurate and active for most rounds which was giving him the edge. Nigel Benn was quite good on the defensive end as well, but Eubank's punches were nearly all telegraphed and wide of the mark without the need for Benn to do much in the way of dodging and blocking.

I can possibly see how some would score it close if anything resembling rabbit punches in the clinches weren't counted, but even then, Benn still did the better work on the outside.

My card:
Nigel Benn vs. Chris Eubank II: 116-111 Benn
Eubank: 5,11 and 12.
Benn: 1,2,3,47,8,9 and 10.
Round 6 even ( 9-9 ).

Have got a few more fights to write up first, but i thought Eubank lost this as well.I only had Benn by a point, but when the fight was finished that felt surprisingly close to me, getting a draw was definitely a best case scenario for Eubank.Main difference in our cards is i had it about even after six, then Benn did his 7,8,9,10 sweep, which was pretty clear.

Benn looked like a poor man's chang in this fight imo epsecially defensively, though as you say eubank was hardly laying a lot of precise shots on him.I'd say this fight was where the weight making really started to impact on Eubank's performances.His next few are awful to score because his offensive timing is usually completly out, but his defence generally remains strong.
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