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Default Re: Stanley Ketchel VS Gerald McClellan

[quote=Bummy Davis]
Originally Posted by dave krieg
Of the men Ketchel fought and beat how many were black?Ok end of story.How many Ketchel fights have you people seen?I will bet you it was only a few if that so get a brain and stop letting opinions of old biased boxing writers cloud your judgement.All boxers from that era were unskilled because boxing was still in its infancy.Fighters also wore alot smaller gloves back then so even their power was overrated.
McClellan would win this one by devastating knockout.[/quote


Ketchel fought Sam Langford, the black guy that beat Heavyweight Champ Jack Johnson, Ketchel a middleweight fought Jack Johnson and dropped him before getting stopped. Ketchel would kill McClellan, KO8
Langford didn't beat Jack Johnson, doofus.
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