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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Eubank vs Lindell Holmes

round 6,10 even and round 7 missing

commentators had Eubank winning comfortably.

Not sure if this was is really considered as controversial as a lot of the others, but i remembered it as a close fight so decided to score it.

Holmes in his prime was a fine, underrated fighter and viscous puncher imo.He never really got any breaks and generally flew under the radar, eventualy picking up a title at supermiddle past his prime.A truly embarassing loss bodyshot\exhaustion to mediocre Van Horn, who he didn't seem to have taken at all seriously obviously didn't help him.

Here he was looking to redeem himself and gave a damn fine performance, looking much better than he had in his last few title defences.He was a good boxer-puncher, who at his best reminded me somewhat of a more stocky,flatfooted, bigger punching McGirt.Solid technical skills, decent finesse and doubled all his punches up realy well, especially a terrific double hook.

He started extremely well, beating Euban at his own sneaky countering game for the first 3 rounds.After 6 i thought he looked slighty the better of two, though Eubank was starting to look sharp.

Second half of the fight, his age began to show, as he stopped fighting full rounds, allowing Eubank to seize the intiative and dictate things.Chris seemed to have figured out his style by now as well, scoring nicely with some big counters that had Holmes looking wobbly a few times.

A near sweep of the last six gave Eubank a clear win for me, though if you gave Holmes the even rounds then missing round becomes crucial in salvaging a draw.Despite that, he did continue to fight well in spurts and kept things competitive.
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