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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Eubank vs Rocchigiani


commentators had Rocchigiani by a point or two.A lot of people thought Eubank won widely and turned in a masterclass...neither of which take i'd agree with.

Very competitive, often tough to score fight that could vary quite a bit depending on what you go for.Rocky's stiffer jabs and accurate straight shots/combo's thrown in spurts, or Eubank controlling the tempo with a lot of weaker jabs and loads of combo's and bodywork.

For once Eubank was actually the busier, steadier fighter for long periods here.Punch volume and accuracy looked much better than againt Benn.

Rocky is another very solid underrated fighter and looked about two weightclasses bigger than Eubank.He fought like a giant Winky Wright, with more emphasis on letting shots go in spurts rather than steady jabbing, though in other fights he did that too.

Eubank controlled the pace for much of the fight with his movement and an unchraracteristc very busy measuring stick jab that kept Rocky off-balance.Most of his powershots came in the form of combinations to the body and uppercuts through the guard.

Rocky landed some nice shots when he opened up, but did so infrequently and was made to miss as often as he was picking shots off on the gloves/arms.In a way it was a lot like the Thornton fight, only closer and with the german relying on height/reach, rather than pressure to go with the high guard.
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