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Default Re: why the hell isnt khan fighting yuri romanov???

Originally Posted by hotti_killer
Well i think it's his defence more than anything, did anyone watch the super light hitting steven bell drop femi fehintola, was that becuase steven was a hard puncher, no, was it becuase femi's weak chinned , no, is it becuase if you walk onto a shot unless you have a chin like tua you can get dropped by even a light hitting fighter.
While in a way you do make a good point , I believe Fehintola doesn't take punches that well(he went down very easily for some of the knockdowns against Johanneson) and although Bell's a light enough hitter he's a respectable one .

While I think almost anyone can be floored by a shot even if it's a light hitter(off balance , didn't see the punch etc) you don't get put on ***** street by a light hitter unless there is something wrong with your chin .

Listen I'm not trying to be an asshole here ,some may get the perception I don't like Khan . While I don't like his hype machine he doesn't seem too bad a kid himself .
See that guy in my avatar , he's a hero of mine but his chin is pretty weak . I denied it for long enough , he was all over the place against Voronin........I said Voronin's a very hard puncher(which is true) , people said Walstad wobbled him , I said maybe a little but not too badly(which I still think is true) .

The point is you can only fool yourself for so long
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