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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Eubank vs Close rematch


Commentators had Eubank winning a very close fight i think..or maybe a draw, general opinion was another robbery. Most of the time i don't pay much attention to commentary and have forgotten a lot of their opinions already.Usually i'll score fights with the sound off, but this was the first time i had watched a lot of these fights in a long time, and i was intersted to hear an alternate take as the fights were taking place.

Now this is probably the one where i disagreed the most with them.They saw an epic battle and tremendous effort by Close, akin to the Watson rematch...i saw a **** fight between one fighter(close) who had altered his style to a very specific, mostly conservative jab and move based gameplan, and the other guy who was mostly out of sorts, taking about 8 rounds to get his timing down.

Close might have deserved to win for effort alone, andwith Eubank looking lethargic, it may have caught the eye of many at ringside.Unfortunately for him, he was still being slightly outjabbed in many rounds, and other than the odd right hand he was struggling to break Eubank's D.

Eubank's low workrate and bad timing kept a lot of rounds tight, though his rights to the body and semi-effective jab were usually shading them for me.

Close was reeling around hurt again late, and lost the last few rounds which were decisive for me.It would have served EUbank right in a way if he had lost this fight, but i really don't think it was a genuine robbery.Close simply got nowhere near enough punches through.

Eubank vs Mauricio Amaral

Round one even

Commentators had Eubank winning by two or three points, pulling away in the late rounds if i remember correctly.

this fight was much thre same as the Clos rematch for me.Awful stuff that made me question why i had decided to go back and score all Eubank's controversial fights...has any champion had more incidentally?.

Amaral outworked Eubank for most of the fight even though he was fighting in spurts, relying on heavy telegraphed combinations that were mostly taken on the gloves/arms/shoulders or made to miss entirely.

Eubank once again took an age to let his hands go, mostly sticking to the jab and lead right to the body.He did enough to shade a lot of the rounds in the first half imo, but i wouldn't argue too much with anyone thinking the opposite.

Just when it seemed Amaral was going to step it up enough to win the fight circa 7,8,9 and had the commentators worried...Eubank found a high enough workrate to clearly take the remaining rounds, always being the more accurate of the two.

Again, to be honest i wouldn't have moaned had Eubank's bare minimum effort lost him this fight, especially if you place a lot of emphasis on workrate.For me though, Eubank generally still landed the cleaner punches and deserved it round by round.His D was as usual pretty impressive.
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