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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
Tonight, IB is sinking his teeth into Moorer-Holyfield I.


Slow going, doing this at work in between...well, work.

A third through, here we are:


Holyfield - aggressive throughout, made more of an effort to fight a full three-minute round, and did a nice job in varying his attack by alternating leadoff punches in his flurries (most effective when started with the jab),

Moorer - nullified much of Holyfield's offense, but was largely ineffective with his own. Too cautious from outside (thus getting beaten to the punch) and too uncertain on the inside, spending time (and energy) grabbing for traction with his hands instead of letting them go (leading to a stark contrast between his connects and Holyfield's authoritative ones). Most of his best punches in this round are looping shots thrown seemingly in desperation and landing thanks more to Holyfield walking into them than marksmanship.

The pre-Compubox punchstats provided are of dubious merit - wasn't counting myself, but it's hard to swallow Moorer at 39% unless a good number of glove touches are being scored. Moorer landing quantitatively more (but less clean/effective) punches than Holyfield is one thing - but a ten percent gap seems untoward to justify.

The jabbing contest was largely a stalemate, thanks in large part to their opposing stances causing each to be hittable and discouragable with this punch. It reached a point where one trying to be first with his jab would quickly recoil when the other so much as feinted a counter jab of his own. This round was decided on power punching, which was decidedly in favor of Holyfield in terms of efficacy if not accuracy as-tabulated.

1st Round: Holyfield 10-9
Aggregate: Holyfield 10-9


Holyfield - of course has the knockdown, but pretty clearly lost 2:30 leading up to it. He was always in a good position to leverage his punching power, as evidenced by the KD itself, but the price of this was his overall movement being very slow and telegraphed. The dynamic offensive pressure of the previous outing gave way to a far uglier method of wading in with his forearms extended to deflect counter fire, yet he was still getting hit fairly regularly.

Moorer - worked his jab very well and this time won that contest. He won the majority of the round by circling at a good range that allowed him to lean into his shots and retract safely; and by being first more often than not. He was not horribly hurt by the knockdown, though it was a clear and legitimate one. Throughout the last minute his mobility had waned and Holyfield, his feet well set, caught him square in the quicksand. Creditably, Moorer arose and finished off the round well, showing no sign of giving any mental ground and still firmly believing in the work he'd done up until that moment.

After a good deal of soul-searching, I decided to go with my gut right or wrong and score it 10-10. After a good deal less researching (unearthing this recent thread right here on ESB, including a mention of this very round: I found that the official judges had done the same.

2nd Round: Even 10-10
Aggregate: Holyfield 20-19


Holyfield - this time was able to pull off the heist with which I didn't let him get away in the 2nd. This was (right-) armed robbery. The same span of time that Moorer had then so convincingly dominated with the initiative and accurate punching was here a relative void, with neither really asserting their will much, taking the initiative, or landing much of noteworthy cleanliness or accuracy. UNTIL...Holyfield begins pumping his right hand in the final moments, and building on its success by throwing it in even greater number and with greater force - thankfully facilitating an otherwise challenging split.

Moorer - continued to show a good jab and boxed fairly well throughout, but was simply outpunched down the stretch.

3rd Round: Holyfield 10-9
Aggregate: Holyfield 30-28


Holyfield - had an eye-catching, judge-wooing flurry in the early goings, pinning Moorer on the ropes with a hard volley and then using his physicality to move the champion around to potentially make further impression on those charged with scoring. These moments would have been more than enough to steal a round like the 3rd (as his succession of right hands in actuality did); however the 4th was not the 3rd...

Moorer - donned his poncho and weathered the tempest, then wrung himself out and went to work. His tenacity and consistency (the gap in his ability to find a target with Evander's now beginning to appear in line with the published stats...) were enough to make one forget who was pinned on the ropes and thrown like a rag doll. For all but those early moments, you'd have to have preferred with conviction to have been Moorer in this round.

4th Round: Moorer 10-9
Aggregate: Holyfield 39-38
Originally Posted by IntentionalButt View Post
Picking up third...



Holyfield - displayed two of his most admirable traits (determination and chin) but none of his others. Got hit repeatedly over the course of the round.

Moorer - utilized his jab to great effect, and rolled away from and under most of Holyfield's return fire.

5th Round: Moorer 10-9
Aggregate: Even 48-48


Holyfield - dramatically lowerd his output, still landing the harder shots overall but throwing them as intermittent singles (occasionally paired). He actually boxed and moved fairly well but was outworked and outlanded. When not retreating he clinched more often than punching. This seemed a round that Holyfield "took off", and Moorer did what was needed to capitalize it and look the better man.

Moorer - looked far sharper, and comfortable throwing in multiples from bell to bell. His frequent connectivity had Holyfield flinching from jab feints by the end of the round, and Moorer here began to shift his concentration to the body without leaving himself open.

6th Round: Moorer 10-9
Aggregate: Moorer 58-57


Holyfield - came out strong with a two-fisted attack and did not give Moorer room or time to breathe, simply mauling him when his gloves weren't arriving in rapid succession from both sides.

Moorer - tried to continue to "be first" but was forced to back straight up by the stronger Holyfield. He wisely did his best to avoid taking more than a few of these hard shots at a time. This, in stark contrast to the 6th, seemed a round that Moorer himself "took off", and Holyfield did what was needed to capitalize it and look the better man.

7th Round: 10-9 Holyfield
Aggregate: Even 67-67


Holyfield - was unable to maintain his assault, or even resume it. He continued to press forward and tried to pick off shots with his crossed forearms but his head was snapped back numerous times.

Moorer - simply looked fresher, and once again in control, and finally began to look comfortable on the inside, moving his hands and pushing Holyfield off.

8th Round: 10-9 Moorer
Aggregate: 77-76 Moorer



Holyfield - came out in familiar fashion: stronger and more aggressive, but throwing wider and slower.

Moorer - threw largely down the middle, landing a bit better despite some questionable tallies shown to TV audiences. His blows were cleaner but less damaging.

Between the 9th and 10th round is the first time in the entire fight I turned the volume up from mute, and Atlas berating his man over a round I thought he won was absolutely shocking. Instead of giving tactical advice he was just an asshole.

9th Round: 10-9 Moorer
Aggregate: 87-85 Moorer


Holyfield - came on especially strong in the last minute but still not landing especially well.

Moorer - backed Holyfield up to the ropes momentarily about a minute in with a good 1-2 previously collecting dust, and boxed and turned Holyfield well for the duration of the round. I give Moorer credit here for an improved performance and clearer win in this round than the 9th in spite of - not because of - Atlas' coaching.

10th Round: 10-9 Moorer
Aggregate: 97-94 Moorer


Holyfield - just absolutely smothered Moorer this round. He didn't throw many of them, but he unveiled an uppercut that almost couldn't miss, and struck with authority when it landed.

Moorer - mounted little counter-offense while under constant siege beyond jabbing often but too lightly to be taken seriously.

11th Round: 10-9 Holyfield
Aggregate: 106-104 Moorer


Holyfield - was still able to impose his musculature and drive Moorer to the roped perimeter, but lacked the wind to keep him there, clearly fatigued.

Moorer - in contrast, looked focused and willing to win the championship more in this round than any previous. The "bounce is back" - the bounce-back of Holyfield's head from Moorer's newly recrispened jab, that is. Moorer fought hard, and fought until the bell.

12th Round: 10-9 Moorer
Aggregate: 116-113 Moorer

Lederman: 114-113 Holyfield

Official judges
Shirley: Even 114-114
Giampa: 116-112 Moorer
Roth: 115-114 Moorer

George Foreman gave Holyfield the 12th.

No room for controversy as far as who got the nod, IMO. There were a couple of close rounds but many clear ones - and even throwing one or two of the swing chapters Holyfield's way it still pans out tight for Moorer or a draw. This of course assumes correct scoring of the knockdown round, which Holyfield lost but for the knockdown...
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