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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Do they have to be fights I watched today? Because I've watched a lot of good fights lately, just not right this day. Here's a list and some thoughts

Sergio Martinez v. Adrian Stone
Martinez pitched a shut-out. Mesmerizing and highly entertaining performance. Adrian Stone was at the end of his career but he had been good enough to step into the ring against Vernon Forrest and Shane Mosley prior to this fight. Martinez foot movement and hand speed are sights to behold.

Sergio Martinez v. Alex Bunema
Another electric and entertaining performance by Martinez.

Sergio Martinez v. Vasile Surcica
Surcica was a nobody, but he managed to go the distance. Martinez failed to impress in this fight.

Sergio Martinez v. Russell Jordan
Fairly entertaining. Jordan was another tomato can. I think it was stopped a bit prematurely.

Sergio Martinez v. Kermit Cintron
2nd viewing. A pretty ugly fight. I had Martinez winning clearly. I gave Cintron two rounds, plus one more for a BS point deduction. Cintron should have lost on three separate occasions. Terrible robbery.

Sergio Martinez v. Paul Williams
Great, great fight. Both guys showed a lot of heart and determination. I was especially impressed by Martinez defense, he was able to nullify a lot of Williams aggression and his workrate. I had Martinez by 116-113 based on more effective punching, accuracy and defense.

Shane Mosley v. Wilfredo Rivera
Exciting at times, frustrating at others. It was a tough, close battle. Shane looked winded through rounds 8 and 9 (possibly due to it being his first fight at a new weightclass?) and even though I wasn't keeping score I might have had him losing the fight if he lost the tenth. Fortunately for him his was able to dig deep to pull off one of his patented late round rallies and beat the **** out of Rivera throughout the 10th before knocking him senseless with a left uppercut. Prime Mosley's speed was awe-inspiring, and his defense looked sharp at times here, moreso than usual anyway.

Roberto Duran v. Pipino Cuevas
A short but entertaining fight. Roberto just had too much chin and skill for Pipino, while Cuevas' own chin failed him. A good win for Duran.

Roberto Duran v. Ray Leonard
One of the most exciting fights of all time. A bruising inside battle. Roberto's inside fighting skills were probably the best ever seen. Duran took Leonard's legs out from under him and swept the majority of the first 10 rounds.
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