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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

1: Barrera 10-9

Excellent, exciting first round of action. Barrera starts really fast, unleashing three punch combinations, and owning the first half of the round with Morales being a little shell shocked at what's coming at him. Morales does well during the second half of the round, making Barrera miss more and landing some right hands and jabs of his own. Cleaner shots landed by Barrera.

2: Barrera 10-9

One of the clearest rounds of the fight, domination on the part of Marco, who on three separate occasions in the round lands the jab, right hand, left uppercut combination. All the uppercuts land flush and had. Morales rallies mid way through, only to be met with another three punch combination and a straight right hand which sends Morales into the ropes.

3: Barrera 10-9

Starts off a little quieter, with the action picking up in the final 45 seconds with two way exchanges. Barrers backs Morales on the ropes with multiple flurries, and also gets some good body work done in the center of the ring. Close round but I think Marco did enough.

4: Morales 10-9

Morales best round of the fight so far, if only because Marco slowed down on his attack a little more.

5: Morales 10-9

Tremendous round of Boxing. Barrera opens up the round with a right hand that backs Morales up. Morales then pours on the pressure with flurries, multiple right hands finding its target, just when Marco looks ready to go he strafes Morales with two right hands and left hook which sends him to the ropes once again. A big left hand ends the round for Marco, but I give it to Morales for dominating the majority.

6: Morales 10-9

Slowest round of the fight, starts with a big right hand from Barrera but the rest of the round is quite uneventful with Morales work rate bringing the round home for Erik.

7: Barrera 10-9

Another tremendous round, littered with exchanges. Most of the round is controlled by Erik, who unleashes a fury of shots near the ropes which seems to trouble Marco on the inside. Work rate belongs to Erik, but the two most effective shots in the round are landed by Barrera. A big right hand on the end of a jab sends him to the ropes again, and in the last 10 seconds an insane exchange see's Barrera land three hard hooks flush. Morales almost goes down and out, but then recovers and throws back. An epic moment in an epic fight.

8: Barrera 10-9

The pace just doesn't let up, Barrera and Morales come out firing with Erik looking to make Barrera uncomfortable with movement. The biggest shots are against landed by Barrera, a one-two combination and a series of left hooks that...once again...sends Erik to the ropes who looks stunned. Morales fires back but most of his shots are being blocked. The round finishes with another epic exchange with Barrera banging to the body and then coming up stairs, landing a solid flush right hand to Morales jaw. He doesn't stop, go down, or hold, he fires back and the crowd go wild.

9: Barrera 10-9

Another amazing round. The round starts off with a three punch combination on the part of Barrera, Morales retreats to the corner hurt. He then gets pinned on the ropes and Barrera lands a series of shots which seem to both Morales, who fires back. For the rest of the round barrera looks tired, Morales just doesn't stop throwing, landing right hands and jabs. Barrera seems to be out of range. 10 seconds left, I'm about to give the round to Morales on activity, and then BOOM! A flush three punch combination lands for Marco, Morales badly hurt stumbles into the corner. ...Morales hurt three times in the round, Barrera wins on inflicting more damage.

10: Morales 10-9

Both are tiring. Morales wins on work rate, but they both land solid shots.

11: Barrera 10-9

Close round, pace has slowed.

12: Barrera 10-8 (Morales unlucky with the KD)

Was a bull**** knockdown but Barrera came out firing to the body, and later hurt Morales with a double left hook which seen him stumble to the corner.

8-4 Barrera.

I can see arguments for Rounds 1, 7, and 9 being scored for Morales. That's why this is the greatest fight of all time in my humble opinion.
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