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Default Re: Harry Wills vs. George Godfrey

Originally Posted by Luigi1985
Who wins and why?
Although I beleive Wills was a better fighter, many people who lived while the two were active thought Godfrey would have won if they two meet in the ring. The reasons were thus:

1 ) Godfrey was in his prime while Wills was not.

2 )Godfrey's manager made 8 offers to fight Wills. Wills never accepted.

3 ) It is the opinion of the black press at the time that Godfrey would have won the match.

Who wins? Hard to say. Godfrey might have had a suspect chin, and he was certainly very foul prone. Wills seemed to be a bit hardier, though he had some surrender in him as well. Both men hit very hard. I get the hunch Godfrey had better speed, and Wills had better stamina.

In a prime vs prime match up, I’ll go with Wills. If the match up happened in the early to mid 20’s as offered from Godfrey’s manager, I’ll go with Godfrey.

It is a pity the match never happened. The winner would have upped his resume. The fight might have been filmed too.
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