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Default Re: MICHAEL KATSIDIS Youtube Interview

Originally Posted by Melissa
So really your still guessing then Bop Bop....Geez I hope Michael doesn't get distracted over there AND I hope he has got good solid people around him for good moral/at home support.
No im not guessing im going by what HBO want and how money plays a big part in boxing.
And HBO has plenty of it and if they say they want to put on a huge fight for both these guys it usually gets made. HBO have said they wanted this its just a case of weather the two managers can agree with terms of who gets what from what ive read.

No im not guessing im going by the actual evidence i supplied to you from the article i read and posted a link for it aswell. In fact there was two links from two boxing websites that had this story.

My gues if you could call it that was more to do with research and just knowing how it runs over in America bussiness wise. You get a feel for these things and dont be suprissed i told you Mel Mel if this fight gets made because as i said
Juan Diaz is fighting Julio Diaz this week and wont be ready by Jan to get back in the Ring against Katsidis for his mandatory against Katsidis for WBO belt.

Plus its another way for the winner of each fight in Juan Diaz and Julio Diaz and the winner of Katsidis vs David Diaz to face of for the Undisputed Lightweight Championship which there hasnt been for a while.
I mean Diaz vs Diaz are fighting for WBA,WBO and IBF aswell as the Ring belt. While if Katsidis fought David Diaz it would be for the WBC and WBO Interem belt which mean a winner of both fights could own every belt.

It makes perfect sense to me. I can see this fight taking place and it has more legs of happening than Katsidis vs Pacquiao.
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