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Default Re: why the hell isnt khan fighting yuri romanov???

Originally Posted by hotti_killer
The whole point i am making is you don't know either way, and i don't think people should be as quick to judge him. I think people should wait until he fight's a bigger puncher before declaring he has a glass jaw or he is chinny, say if thaxton or earl crack him with some good shots and he doesn't go down alot of people will still say well limond knocked him down.

No, we don't know either way - the jury is still out for me but on the evidence so far I think its fair to say his chin is suspect.

Its not just the knockdown he suffered in the Limond fight, he was also dropped heavily by Watson towards the end of his amateur career.
The flash knockdown he suffered against Drilzane did appear to be more of a slip against the ropes in fairness to Khan.

The fact Khan is consistently matched against light hitters has also undoubtedly added to the questioning of his chin - this won't go away until he is put in with a puncher.
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