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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Alexis Arguello-Ray Mancini

Round 1- Feeling out round, neither man really landed anything significant but Mancini threw and landed a few more.

Rd.1 10-9 Mancini

Round 2- Both men start to mix it up more, both men working the jab fairly effectively, Mancini throwing hooks to the head and the body while Arguello is looking to counter inside of those hooks with partial success. Close round.

Rd.2 10-9 Mancini

Round 3- Mancini being more active and backing Arguello up. Arguello landing good shots occasionally but they are few and far between.

Rd.3 10-9 Mancini

Round 4- Both men mix it up at the beginning of the round, Arguello's jab and body shots landing better. Mancini backs Arguello up against the ropes and flurries to the body. Most of the round close but Arguello lands the more quality shots.

Rd.4 10-9 Arguello

Round 5- Arguello heating up and landing more shots early. Mancini lands a good flurry and later a good right-left hook combo. Mancini lands a good right and backs him up with a flurry and they slug it out for the remainder of the round with Mancini getting the better of it.

Rd.5 10-9 Mancini

Round 6- Both men circling and trading shots, big right hand from Arguello with one returned by Mancini which stuns Arguello momentarily Mancini more effectively pressuring Arguello and lands some eye catching shots. Both men starting to look beaten up but Arguello is getting the worst of it.

Rd.6 10-9 Mancini

Round 7- Arguello jabbing more effectively, Mancini not as aggressive as the previous rounds. Neither man landing anything signifacant but Arguello controlling the pace. Mancini lands a good flurry. Arguello controls to the end of the round.

Rd.7 10-9 Arguello

Round 8- Not a lot of action this round, neither man landing much. Arguello starts backing Mancini up and lands a few good shots to the head and body.

Rd.8 10-9 Arguello

Round 9- Arguello looking sharp, lands a good three punch combination. Arguello's jab landing well while most of Mancini's shots come up short. Mancini tries to rally but Arguello matches him punch for punch and was landing the cleaner shots.

Rd.9 10-9 Arguello

Round 10- Mancini trying to be more aggressive, Arguello returning more effectively. Mancini cut on the corner of his left eye. Close round but Arguello was more effective.

Rd.10 10-9 Arguello

Round 11- Both men circling and jabbing, neither man landing too many of their powershots. Arguello starts landing more at the last minute of the round.

Rd.11 10-9 Arguello

Round 12- Fairly even round with both men doing good work. Arguello lands a good right and backs Mancini up. Arguello starts landng big shots at the end of the round and right at the end he hits Mancini with a big right that puts him out on his feet.

Rd.12 10-9 Arguello

Round 13- Arguello coming out more aggressively landing good shots to the head and body. Mancini giving ground and jabbing. Arguello lands another good right hand. Arguello starts a right hand rally landing three in a row and Mancini is on unsteady legs. Arguello turns up the pressure a little more landing hooks off of the jab. Mancini bleeding from a cut inside of his mouth.

Rd.13 10-9 Arguello

Round 14- Arguello comes out looking for a big shot to put Mancini away. Mancini tries to rally but Arguello shuts him down with a 1-2. Arguello lands a big left hook, right uppercut to the body, two more left hooks and a right puts Mancini down and the ref calls it off.

Scoring through thirteen I had it Arguello-8, Mancini-5.
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