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Default Re: the what fights did you watch today\scorecard thread.

Clifford Etienne-Frans Botha

Round 1- Botha doing good 1-2's in and out, Etienne going in swinging and the clinching. Good action and a close round but Botha got the better of it.

Rd.1 10-9 Botha

Round 2- Etienne puts some good pressure on in this round, Botha tries to box but is not too effective.

Rd.2 10-9 Etienne

Round 3- Botha comes out and takes the fight to Etienne landing some right hands, pace slows down in the middle of the round and it is mostly one punch at a time. Etienne throws a good flurry at the end of the round.

Rd.3 10-9 Botha

Round 4- Etienne comes out pressuring, Botha throwing back and landing decently but is generally outworked through the round. Etienne lands a big right at the end of the round.

Rd.4 10-9 Etienne

Round 5- Etienne backing up Botha with the jab and landing some hard shots throughout most of the round until Botha lands a big right that hurts Etienne badly and puts him down with an uppercut. Etienne on wobbly legs for the rest of the round.

Rd.5 10-8 Botha

Round 6- Etienne comes out strong and lands some wild hooks, Botha lands a glancing right as Etienne comes in and it looks like a slip (though in the replay it shows him wobble) but is called a knockdown.

Rd.6 10-8 Botha

Round 7- Etienne dancing and leaping in with left hooks, lands a good left-right combo that snaps Botha's head back. Etienne gets Botha along the ropes and does a small rally.

Rd.7 10-9 Etienne

Round 8- Slow round for the most part, Etienne lands a big counter right that hurts Botha and he bores into him for the rest of the round. The bell rings and Etienne hits Botha after and hurts him badly and he gets an extra minute or so to recover because the ref was made aware of the mistake which is as Jim Gray notes against the rules.

Rd.8 10-9 Etienne

Round 9- Etienne comes out and hurts Botha again and swarms on him but Botha recovers and for the rest of the round lands some good rights that wobble Etienne slightly each time but it was very close.

Rd.9 10-9 Botha
Round 10- Real close round, neither man landed anything signifacant but I think Etienne landed a few more shots.

Rd.10 10-9 Etienne

I scored it 95-93 for Botha.
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